Ground-mounted solar system

Agricultural energy as a source of income

Using and harvesting the sun's rays - how sustainability pays off

Many German farmers have been relying on renewable energies for years. Instead of tractors, modern photovoltaic ground-mounted systems harvest the high-yield crop. And for good reason: The annual yield per hectare is between 400,000 and 500,000 kilowatt hours. German farmers receive an additional feed-in tariff under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) for excess electricity not used for farms or stables. es. 

SOLprime advantage 
Our employees will identify the best option for you and plan the photovoltaic ground-mounted system together with you. If an installation on an open area is not possible, it is usually possible to use the roof areas of the farmstead. 

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Full service for large systems

Economical, reliable planning, flexible

SOLprime system technology offers you time and cost savings in the realisation of your system. As an experienced specialist for photovoltaic systems, we can save you even more: if you wish, we can take over individual services or the entire management of your project for you. You choose, we perform! 

Benefit from our service advantages: 

  • Project planning 
  • Soil investigation and statics 
  • Delivery and mounting of custom-fit rack solutions 
  • Delivery and mounting of complete equipment 
  • Site management