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Solar Systems

Private client references

Since 2010 were over 600 photovoltaic systems have already been installed in Kiel, Germany, and the surrounding area. 

Private references

Solar Systems

Commercial client

Our reliable and proven rack systems have been used nationally and internationally for many years. 
In recent years we have supplied rack systems for over 500 MWp. 

Ground-mounted solar systems

SUNfarming Wechselrichter Solar
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Photovoltaic ground-mounted systems


Ground-mounted systems

Sturdy construction for a long service life + innovative system technology that enables simple installation in the shortest possible time.

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Ground-mounted solar system

4,8 MWp

Friedland Datze

  • Year of construction 2012
  • System Typ 15R
  • Country Germany
  • Statik
  • Installation
  • Delivery
Solar system
Montagesysteme, Katalog, Solar, Freiland, PV-Anlagen

Mounting systems

Ground-mounted Catalog

Our new SOLprime mounting systems | outdoor product catalogue is now available for download

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SUNfarming is a affiliated company of SOLprime Power Systems GmbH.
SUNfarming GmbH was founded in 2004 as a quality management and purchasing cooperative for PV investors. Most of the investors are members of the BRM (formerly BBK).

SUNfarming's quality management for high-quality crystalline solar modules is Solprime's guarantee for technical quality in the supply sector.
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Development aid Togo/ West Africa / South Africa

In many regions of the world a power supply is not reliably available. The costs of creating a stable power grid are very high, especially as long cable routes have to be laid for low power. Bureaucratic hurdles are insurmountable and require a lot of patience and time.

More Projects

Development aid Togo/ West Africa / South Africa

Quality systems

Quality with brand quality For our photovoltaic systems, we rely on brand quality, e.g. from SUNfarming, SMA, and KOSTAL. We offer a wide range of high quality polycrystalline monocrystalline modules. Upon request, we can supply all common makes.

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