Quality products

Solar panels

High efficiency - thanks to quality control

We carry a wide range of high-quality solar panels. We can say that because our partners pay attention to every detail in their quality control. Only then is approval granted. For you this means: we guarantee you first-class and tested solar panels with a long-term, above-average efficiency. 

SOLprime advantage 
We will provide you with comprehensive advice on polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels to suit your photovoltaic system project and the respective area of application. 


Quality products from market leaders

In addition to the modules, the quality of the inverters is a decisive quality criterion for the photovoltaic system and thus ensures low-cost solar power. As with all our products, we focus on brand quality, such as from SUNfarming, SMA and KOSTAL. 

On request we can supply all common makes. 


Für Ihre Elektromobilität

In the future, charge your e-car easily, conveniently and inexpensively from home! Use the energy of the sun with an efficient combination of wallbox and PV system. 

The right mounting system

For your photovoltaic system

For almost every roof we offer the right mounting material for the photovoltaic system. Our products are continuously optimised. All mounting systems are designed to ensure complete tightness of the roof after installation and secure and stable fixing. The majority of the products are made of corrosion-resistant aluminium or stainless steel.