E-charging station | Wallbox

Safe and fast charging for your e-mobility

More and more private households are following the trend of electromobility and switching from combustion engines to e-cars or plug-in hybrids.
To enable safe and, above all, fast charging in the future, we recommend having your own charging point or wallbox.

Optimally, you use the sun's energy for this with an efficient combination of a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage unit. 

Convenient charging with surplus solar energy!

Advantages of a charging pole or wallbox

  • fast and efficient charging 
  • higher charging power
  • convenient and comfortable 
  • safe charging
  • all charging data can be viewed via app
  • no overloading of the household socket and domestic installation 
  • Overheating and cable fires are avoided
  • State subsidies for wallboxes

The easy way to your own e-filling station!

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Subsidies for electromobility

E-cars | Plug-in hybrids | Wallboxes

E-cars and plug-in hybrids are still very expensive compared to the combustion engine.
Currently, the government is offering some subsidies and environmental bonuses here that you can benefit from.
You can find more information on the appropriate subsidies for your electric mobility under the various links:

BAFA (application for funding for electrically powered vehicles)
To the portal

Things to know about the subsidy for electric cars