Our SOLprime roof-mounted systems

Generating energy with system and ideal alignment

SOLprime roof-mounted systems are recommended for mounting on almost all common roof types. We only use corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminium or stainless steel for all systems. In connection with our construction this guarantees a long life span. A form-fit connection of the modules in all systems ensures stress-free module assembly. The simple assembly of the modules in the corresponding system only requires little time for the completion of the photovoltaic system. 

Our employees measure the roof, check its cost-effectiveness and advise you on how to make optimum use of the available roof area. Trust in our many years of experience and benefit from the following advantages. 

SOLprime advantages 

  • Effective assembly technology for photovoltaic systems 
  • Versatile use of all systems & usability for all common roof shapes 
  • Long-term optimisation of the mounting systems 
  • Easy and simple handling of all individual components 
  • Easy expansion of the system 
  • Form-fit connection of the PV modules for all systems 
  • Corrosion resistance, as a large part is made of aluminium or stainless steel 

Our references

Special solutions


Wherever the sun shines, there are countless possibilities to use solar power as a sustainable source of energy. PV systems can ensure self-sufficient energy security, especially at locations that do not have an electricity grid. SOLprime has already supplied numerous projects worldwide with innovative custom-made products, e.g:

Compact living module with optional PV roof-mounted system Multifunctional accommodation on demand.
The unit is suitable as a dwelling, office or warehouse for private and commercial purposes. 

Sustainable solar greenhouse (South Africa/Caribbean) 
As part of the "Food & Energy" concept, together with our partners we are developing solar greenhouses for electricity generation, which contribute locally to improving the food supply and infrastructure as well as increasing employment. 

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