Greenhouses in Madagascar

Food & Energy Concept

Sustainable solar energy and regional food are the ideas behind the "Food & Energy Concept" of SUNfarming! In cooperation with the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar, the Food & Energy greenhouses are being built on an area of approx. 8.82 hectares. In the future, vegetables as well as fruit and flowers will be home-grown here between the module rows. This project not only fights unemployment, but also offers people a sustainable improvement in their living conditions! 

Advantages at a glance:

  • Producing solar power and food with water-saving technology 
  • Reducing unemployment in crisis areas and developing countries 
  • Improving levels of education 
  • Creating direct income increases the motivation of the people involved and relieves
    the burden on public financiers 
  • Scalability of the concept and possibility of extension with appropriate
    multiplication of effects 

We support this project with technical and optimised know-how.

Planning & Construction

1 MW Food & Energy Training Center

We support this project from 3D visualization to commissioning 
with technical and optimized know-how.

The assembly

1 MW Food & Energy Training Center

125 local, Malagasy trainees were deployed to implement the project!
During the training the participants learned about logistics, handling, pile driving, installation, assembly and safety training.

The assembly

1 MW Food & Energy Training Center

Trainees support the civil engineering work. Here
20 kV underground cables were laid over a length of 0,76 mi

The commissioning

1 MW Food & Energy Training Center

Completion: 26 January 2020 
After a very short 6-week installation period, the first Food & Energy Training Center on Madagascar was commissioned of the BMZ


As part of the BMZ's program, SOLprime installed various assembly systems on the grounds of UNI Ucasal - Universidad Católica de Salta in Argentina.

The systems

  • Flat roof / trapezoidal sheet simulation
  • On-roof / concrete elevation simulation
  • Open-air systems simulation

Already during the installation, the lecturers received their first briefing on the functions and structure of the systems. In the future, the systems will now serve as demonstration objects for the students.

This is an important way to promote the young generation with a view to renewable energies.

The school Colegio San José was supported with a Greenhouse with 16 modules. Here, disadvantaged young people now have the opportunity to grow their own vegetables in addition to the electricity they produce themselves.

Research Center


Since early summer this year, a new research centre has been under construction in Brandenburg. SOLprime supplied 5 different hall systems with a total output of 750kWp.

Hall systems:

Pitched roof hall
Shed roof hall
Food & Energy multi-purpose hall
Rooflight dome multipurpose hall


Video Hallensysteme

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Video Hallensysteme

Organic vegetables directly from the hotel roof

Our Food & Energy Greenhouse in Berlin ESTREL

The "Food & Energy Concept" of our partner SUNfarming promotes the production of sustainable solar energy and regional food in the same area. 

The greenhouse on the roof of the Berlin Hotel ESTREL is another good example of a sensible use of space: cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes, chillies, Bavarian figs and medicinal herbs grow here in organic quality, while solar panels for the hotel produce green electricity. Our team was responsible for the technical implementation on site. 

Further information including an interview with Peter Schrum, SUNfarming founder and main shareholder, can be found on page 20 of the ESTREL-STORY magazin.


Food & Energy Concept

The "Food & Energy Concept" from SUNfarming has also arrived on the water. At the DämeritzSeehotel the first solar system floats on the Dämeritzsee thanks to our support! In the future, this versatile platform will serve the hotel as an event location! 

We wish the hotel and its guests "fair winds and following seas".

Development aid

Togo/ West Africa / South Africa

In many regions of the world there is no reliable power supply. The costs to build a stable power grid are very high, especially since long cable routes have to be laid for low power outputs. Bureaucratic hurdles are insurmountable and require a lot of patience and time. 

From our own professional activities in Togo/West Africa, we at SOLprime know that development aid not only needs money and volunteers, but also opportunities for local industry and trade. Even in difficult times, we maintain contact with our partners and related colleagues in Togo/West Africa. On site, the first use of SOLprime off-grid technology will create an initial understanding and know-how of sustainable electricity production on a renewable basis, which does not require direct payment for primary energy. 

intersolar 15. - 17. May 2019


For SOLprime, INTERSOLAR Europa is always an important date in the year. During the conferences and at the fair itself there was a lot of information to discover on the topics of photovoltaics, solar power plants, solar thermal and grid infrastructure as well as solutions for the integration of renewable energies. The topic of "floating PV systems" should be mentioned here. A really good alternative to save valuable land space and to use the panels as efficiently as possible! 

In addition to informative discussions and insights into new ideas and models, we were able to make good business contacts and establish and deepen partnerships.